About Us

As far back as I can remember, I loved to create. My dream was owning my own boutique. As a young girl, my Mom would have to sew really eclectic garments for me, much to her dismay.

Side-hustling was my jam from about 20 years old. My Dad had taught me to have an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, allowing me to venture into crazy business ideas which he supported in every aspect. A gorgeous garden studio built by his hands for screen printing, a four colour carousel was purchased and he taught me to screenprint. Yes, he was the kind of Dad that could do anything. And nothing was done half-measure.

Entering the corporate world took me away from my passion for owning my own business. I continued sewing clothing for my kids, spent hours painting and decorating my homes to keep my creative juices satisfied. In-between bringing up my now three adult kids, I always had a side-line hustle. Selling jewelry, lingerie, kitsch jerseys, you name it I sold it, all legal of course!

Fast forward to 2012, I started my first side-line t-shirt brand of kids and adults tees. Monochrome tees were hardly thought of back then and I saw a gap in the market for a children’s clothing brand.

In 2014 Tootsie & Beau was born.

Why Tootsie & Beau? My school besties nickname Toots, years of fond memories of her, now living in Australia. Beau is a shortened version of Beautiful. Beautiful memories can never be taken away from us.

I look forward to bringing you the love in my designs and creations, awesome memories to be made in the garments and accessories I create, trying to keep up with the crazy digital world we live in.

One of my mottos “It takes a village to change the world”

Meet our team

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    Lynne Holdsworth
    Lynne Holdsworth
    Creative Director
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Ideas and concepts

We specialize in creating, sourcing and producing on-trend items


Our aim is to provide ethically sourced products of fabulous quality taking the environment into account


Our passion is to create custom designs that are unique

we love

Inspiring self-love, self-acceptance and kindness